Re-Percussions 12.8.2009

Tortoise  –  Djed (Unkle Remix)
Little Dragon –  Looking Glass
Mike Slott  –  When Giants Meet
DJ Deception   –  Don H to the Izzo
Rustie   –   Inside Pikachu’s Cunt
Boards of Canada  –   Julie and Candy
James Pants   –   The Eyes Of The Lord
Flying Lotus  –  Robo Tussin INST
James Pants  –  Thin Moon
FLYamSAM  –  Don’t Like The Tree Screw
Lone   –  Waves Imagination
Jogger  –  In America
Ernest Gonzalez  –  Self Awakening
Busta Rhymes  –  Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See
Gonjasufi  –  Ancestors
Flying Lotus  –  Quakes
King Midas sound  –  Lost (flying lotus remix)
Burial  –  Unite
Hive  –  Behold A Pale Horse
The Knife  –  Lasagna
Radiohead  – True Love Waits
AFX  –  (CAT 00897-AA1)
STS9  –  Late for Work (Count Bass D Remix)
Mike Slott  –  Gardening
DW & Fatjack  –  The Message In Music
Jogger  –  Master and Student
The Gaslamp Killer & The Gonja Sufi  –  Robots

check out http://skratchmore.com/ for more info and where to get it! Some crazy crazy turntable wizardry with this one. Combining turntablism with dubstep and really pushing the envelope.


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