3.18.2008 – 3 years

Re-Percussions 9-mid3.18.20083 year birfday of the show

Marvin Gaye  “‘T’ Plays It Cool” 
Bob James    “Nautilis”
DJ Krush   “Kemuri”
Four Tet   “No More Mosquitos”
Doug   “Bangin’ On A Trashcan”
Mr Oizo   “Monday Massacre”
Dust Brothers   “Homework”
Crystal Castles   “Courtship Dating”
Chris Clark   “Tycan”
Once11    “Wet Paris High Heels & Dog Shit”
Groundation   “Jah Jah Know”
Eek-A-Mouse     “Ganja Smugglin'”
Bonobo     “Scuba”
Air   “Le Soliel Est Pres De Moi (Dan The Automator remix)”
Zero 7   “Destiny”
Portishead   “Revenge Of The Numbers”
DJ Frane   “Boatman”
Kid Koala   “Emperor’s Main Course”
The Cure   “Close To Me (Closest remix)”
u-ziq   “My Little Beautiful”
Latyrx   “Latyrx”
A-Trak   “Enter Ralph Wiggum”
Q-Bert   “Razorblade Alcohol Slide”
D-Styles   “Diabolical”
Hint   “Re-Percussions”  
Jet Black Crayon   “Tonic Water”
Amon Tobin   “Here Comes The Moon Man”
Kid Spatula     “It Starts With Bongos”
Bogdan Raczynski   “Silver Hands”
DJ Food    “Scratch Yer Hed  (Squarepushy remix)”
Amon Tobin   “Rosies”
Aphex Twin   “Meltphace 6”
The Knife   “Heartbeats (live)”
Aphex Twin  “Alberto Balsalm”
Z-Trip  & DJ P  “Mixology”
Yelle   “Ce Jeu (Paul Gold remix)”
Aphex Twin    “Flim”
Bonobo   “Recurring”
Minotaur Shock   “Motoring Brittain”


2 responses

19 03 2008

ey travis…do u check this? nice show, what is the name of the french track you played like 5 mins ago? aloha.

19 03 2008

it’s yelle! uber awesome track!

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