4.1.2008 April Foolin

April Fool’s Day 2008

Thievery Corp.    “The Outernationalist”
Federico Aubele    “Maria Jose”
Amon Tobin   “4 Ton Mantis (Bonobo mix)”
Hint     “Mutes & Drops”
Aphilas   “Remain Solid”
Bjork     “My Snare (Rabbit In The Moon remix)”
Plaid      “Cost III”
Minotaur Shock   “4 Magpies”
DJ Krush    “Song 1”
Chimp Beams   “Menina”
Small Sails   “Backside Of A Magnet”
Holy Fuck   “Lovely Allen (Minotaur Shock remix)”
The Moldy Peaches  “Anyone Else But You”
u-ziq     “Brace Yourself (Reprise)”
Nobody   “The Coast Is Clear (For Fireworks)”
cLOUDED   “Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix)”
Gong   “Love Is How You Make It”
Autechre   “Simmm”
Md    “Muljahti”
Brothomstates    “Adozenaday”
Aphex Twin   “Alberto Balsalm”
Tomita   “Clair De Lune”
Luke Vibert    “Liptones”
Four Tet    “Ribbons”
Caural    “I Won’t Race You”
Black Dog   “Train By The Autobahn (Parts 1 & 2)”
Aphex Twin    “Ageispolis”
Autechre   “rale”
Proem   “Blot Action Aardvark”
u-ziq   “2CV”
Mira Calix   “Sandsings (Boards of Canada remix)”
Tommy Guerrero     “La Califas Perdido”
Air    “La Femme D’Argent”
DJ Cam    “Bounce”
Bone Thugz  “1st of Tha Month”
Dabrye ft. Wajeed   “Jorgy”
Amon Tobin   “Big Furry Head”


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