5.5.2008 – Green Tea

Playlist for partial sub of Black Coffee with DJ Albert:
Green Tea w/ Trav15 Monday, 5.5.08, 8-9pm

DJ Frane  “Cloudy Voyage”
Jet Black Crayon    “Brighter Days”
Lykke Li   “Everybody But Me”
Rio En Medio   “Let’s Groove Tonight”
Flight of The Conchords   “The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)”
No Kids   “Beaches Are Closed”
Hot Chip   “Wrestlers”
Matmos    “Cloud Hoppers”
DOSH   “Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop”
Bonobo   “Recurring”
Minotuar Shock   “The Broads”
The Moldy Peaches  “Anyone Else But You”
Main Ingredient    “Let Me Prove My Love To You”
Caribou   “The Spiritually Immature Mansion”
Aphex Twin  “Flim”
Squarepusher  “Iambic 9 Poetry”


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