7.30.07 The Introspective Quest For Love & Peace sub

The Introspective Quest For Love & Peace emergency sub by Trav15
7.30.2007, 6-9pm

Beastie Boys  “Freaky Hijiki”
Go Jimmy Go    “‘Till You Get There”
Heptones   “One Love”
Beat Pharmacy   “Slow Down”
No Doubt  “Rock Steady”
Looper   “Mondo ’77”
Anton Glamb   “Angel (MNL version)”
Daft Punk   “Voyager”
Billie Holiday   “Summertime (Organika remix)”
STS9   “Possibilities”
STS9   “Possibilities (Eliot Lipp & Leo123 remix)”
Pizzicato Five  “Love’s Theme (Automator remix)”
Deltron Zero  “Madness”
Bonobo   “Wayward Bob” was barefoot bob supposed to sub?
Thievery Corporation “Until The Morning (rewound by Kid Loco)”
DJ Drez   “She’s Calling”
Bob Marley   “Lively Up Yourself (Bombay Dub Orchestra remix)”
Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz    “New Genius”
Blue Scholars   “Dawn”
Brother Ali   “Walking Away”
Massive Attack   “Protection”
(r) Massive Attack   “Teardrop”
Kid Loco   “Flying on 747”
Stevie Wonder   “Visions”
Zero 7   “Destiny”
The Bad Plus   “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
Christopher O’Reilly    “Bulletproof”
Uriel   “You Who Are Reading Me Now (Love experience remix)”
STS9   “Somesing”
Shape Of Broad Minds  “Love Continues”
nomasterbacks   “sober up”


One response

2 08 2007
dj bbq

wow, i wish i could:ve been there! thanks for being thee awesomeest dj ever known in the universe*love!

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