9.27.2006 de/compression subbage

de/compression with Alex [Wed 6-9pm]
subbed by Trav15 and TTB

Minnie Ripperton “Baby, This Love I Have”
Bob James “Take Me To Mardi Gras”
UNKLE “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Twin Tower remix)”
Herbie Hancock “Spank-A-Lee”
Flaming Lips “Ego Trippin (self admiration with blow up mix)”
Spoon “I Turn My Camera On”
RJD2 “Clean Living”
DJ Frane “In The Garden”
Shuggie Otis “Inspiration Information”
YNQ “Papa”
Bent “Private Road”
Parliament “P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)”
Parliament “Mothership Connection (Star Child)”
Aloe Blacc “Whole World”
Medeski Martin & Wood “The Dropper”
Brazilian Girls “Homme”
Brazilian Girls “Don’t Stop”
Prince “Controversy”
The rh Factor “On The One”
Deodato “Tahiti Hut”
Hubert Laws “Land of Passion”
DJ Frane “Live @ The Galaxy Smokeshop [excerpt, tracks 19-21]”
DJ Krush “Song 1”
DJ Krush “Song 2”
Squarepusher “Iambic 5 Poetry”
David McCallum “House of Mirrors”
Bonobo “The Plug [live]”
DJ Food “Scratch Yer Hed (Squarpusher)”
Prefuse 73 “Storm Returns”
Skalpel “Sculpture”
Air “J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau”
James Pants “Do A Thing For Me”
Baron Zen “Turn Around (PBW remix)”


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