22 06 2010

Sorry for the short notice, but Re-Percussions as a show, will be wrapping up it’s 5 year run. Starting as a training show at 3-6am on Monday nights/Tuesday mornings, I developed myself as an on-air DJ and came up with the name for the show (which was taken from a Hint track) and came up with my DJ name, from Trav-One-Five to Trav15.

From the beginning, back in 2005, I wanted to bring my unique taste in music to the listening audience. I thought to myself, I never hear my kind of music (Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Amon Tobin, etc.) on the radio. I got to KTUH and met lots of other people with similar interests and general love for music and the station. I have to thank the people who came before me, welcomed me, and inspired me. Thanks in particular to Sifu, Joan9, Dora, George, Eazy Al, Loriel, Meta[LX] Rid, Randi, and Rhombus.

I love KTUH for being the great student-run college radio station that it is. I got to experience so much, and have made many lasting friendships through it. From being Music Director to General Manager, repping the station at CMJ 2006 in NYC to partying at Indigo nights and fun days, it’s always been a priceless experience that I will never forget.

I’m still here, spinning tunes around town here and there, finishing up a mix, and as an alumni DJ. Remember to keep listening and supporting this great station.

Thanks to the all KTUHers and listeners who’ve made my show and growth possible. For the full thanks: Don’t sleep. Support. Create. That’s it.


15 06 2010


24 05 2010

From BBC 6 Music:

Steve Beckett, founder of Aphex’s parent label Warp Records, exclusively said: “We’re definitely going to be putting out a new album by him. Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prise it out of his hands. It’s definitely on its way.”

“I don’t know a single note or anything about it,” he explained. “It will be as much of a surprise to me as anyone else.

“Basically I find out what it sounds like when we go into the mastering room and he puts it – well how it used to be, he’ll put the DAT player in and there it’ll be – so that’s the first time I’ll hear it.

“Then I’ll go onto my knees and thank him and then we’ll put it out.”

Vinyl Vault Beat Challenge

18 05 2010

Also on the show tonight is the Super Mega Record Beat Challenge aka the bootychatterchallenge featuring the beat making styles of VEZZEN. Inspired by Dublab‘s Seconhand Sureshots project, Vezzen will have a little over 2 hours to make a track from records in the Vinyl Vault at KTUH. The Musical Ingredient Chef of The Cookbook: Recipes of Sound (the show preceeding Re-Percussions) will select several records forVezzen to sample and create a new track strictly from the records. No drum machines or synths or pre-recorded samples. Tune in at the beginning of the show for the brief and preview of some records, then Vezzen will unveil his composition at the end of the show before the clock strikes midnight.

Armed with a portable turntable, a 505, 555, and a mixer, Vezzen took samples from two of the five records selected by The Musical Ingredient Chef and flipped them into a new composition with two movements.

And here is the final track:

Vezzen said that he heard one beat from the first sample he grabbed, then after listening to another record heard another beat which explains the two movements. He sampled and sequenced it on the SP-505, his trusty machine, and performed it live with additional pan effects by me.

As we were inspired by Secondhand Sureshots, we hope that you too are inspired to make new music from old vinyl. Point is you don’t need a super expensive or rare record to get good samples out of it. Fun is the name of the game. So grab some records from Jelly’s 50 cent bin, Goodwill, or your vinyl shelf and let them talk to you.


18 05 2010

Vivo and BeneathTheStreets present Phono:Graff at the Peggy Chun Gallery near Mark’s Garage. The opening party is this Friday evening (5/21) with me spinning some beats for your art-gazing pleasure. Vivo will stop by the show tonight to talk about the event, his art, and upcoming projects.

18 05 2010

Free Kutmah!

9 05 2010

This guy is one of the better producer/DJ/artist cats coming out of LA. Got to talk to him a bit at one of the Brainfeeder Downtown Sessions. Real cool dude and bought a hand-screened shirt from him. Please sign the petition at the very least, and show your support for the guy!


Please support Justin “Kutmah” McNulty in his deportation defense.

He is facing immediate deportation unless we can reopen his case and show the authorities how vital it is for Justin to stay in our lives. This vibrant artist, dj and producer is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community. Help Kutmah remain in the United States!

Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with his mother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would be able to live in the UK which in their eyes wasn’t such a bad place. They denied their application. Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were again denied a green card and were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US.

On Wednesday morning, May 5th armed Immigration agents entered Kutmah’s house and detained him. He was brought to a facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated. On Thursday he was moved to an INS detention facility in New Mexico and can be expelled from the country at any moment. We need to show how important Kutmah is to the LA and US community.

To help, please visit > and sign the petition.