Respect going out to:
JAH, Rich Uncle Skeleton, El Rickenbach A Jole, Speed Metal, dj bbq (qtq, bbqt, qtp), DJ Halbert, WCTanaka, CTTAMEX, Big RUS, Dr. Iris T, TannerT, Sifu my spiritual advisor, Joan9-5, EZ AL & Je9, Alex, DJ Mr. Nick, Super Hands Tony (Juicy Hands), THO, Kazuaki-chan, Marbles, Do-Lee, Cousin Rea-bert, Joe-Nathan Leland-o-rama, Yamy, DJ EOS, B-Irie & Miss Tucker, Yufaka aka DJ FUCKER, Jess-I, Yorck & Christina, Energizer Benny,  Big Bar, Monty, Tutu Terri, Nuria, Marky-poo the 5th Columnist, D-Love, Poosef, Packo, Deadfoot, Skillet, Christian (CronCrizzles), Alan (DJ DR, Oli Graab), George & Dora, Tina & Dave, KTUH, RDJ, Antron Glamb-our, Kea Ho, AlyGator, Ol Dirty BZA aka Benjahmon Beach, Suzy, Cheryl, and King St. Killa Bees, Monika, Dick Trickl, Double D (DanDabbs), Clarisse, Hidemi, HelenL, Jayakumar Sreedharan, Matteo & Ayako & Maruku, Vivo & Aika V, Big Tom Mark, Dr. Glenn-enstein & Lizabeth, DJ Anton, Chloe, Rachie, Kara, Vic, Kat & James Pants,, Robert Smith, Todd & Well Bento, Little Liho, Amber & Christian, G-Spot, Quicksilva, Mr. & Mrs. Loriel Macalma, MetaLX & Marie, Chef Gomes, MC Wong, Chefan Stefan, Chef Sambro, The original D-Love Dwight modafoka, J-Pizzle, Marky, Hoku, Mereditz & Bran, EZ Smiff, The nice ladies down at Bale who love TTBoy, Queen Makadangdang, tittierella, Jizzake the Snizzake, Cookiehead Joey, manolopaul, JonSimpson, Rhombus, Ann & Angenette of Darkness,  Jon of DownTheDirtRoadBlues, Irie-sistable, Mr. & Mrs. Shawneee B, dhBlake, Tone Def, Ray [ballonhead], Project P.A.T., Jeremy “Audy” Kimura, Kerin, Jenna & Stewie, TR, DJ Tanner & DJ KD, Kid Koala, DJ Neil Armstrong, Alice Russell, Quantic, RJD2, Devon Nice (WSKB, R.I.), Laura @ Spectre, Sabo, D-Styles and Third Sight, Mochipet, Odd Nosdamadson, DJ Frane-iac, Leeor & George @ Terrorbird, Ame One, Papa Luck, Shere’re, nosaJason, The Chef, Serafina, Faults/Faultz/Flatz/Pfffuckzgraff, Annie + Gary, et al., HCoreKenwich, Joe Gosalvezzen, Doc CKK, Jade-tana, B3ak03, Teebs, Staliaferro and Matty boy, and Samus & Eloisa (now I know how it fits…and so on).

14 responses

14 10 2006

hey there,
Just perusing as to how my website should look like.
Also Happy birthday to you and to Eazy Al,
Hope you guys had a great time.

see ya monday

14 11 2006
Jake the Snake

Big ups to Trav15 aka TTBoy! Always playing the dope beats.

Much love to all the KTUH Ohana,
Jizzake the Snizzake

14 11 2006

dj the man! today was 6 hours of musical greatness. you the man.

23 11 2006
dj bbq

Re-Percussions 15 my favorite-ist rule Trav(ttb)!

11 12 2006

thanks that you are in my life! Me love you long time.

25 12 2006

hey, my name changed

much respect to you anyway..

25 05 2007


and thanks for putting Advantges of Mutual Respect and Fair Play on your blogroll. I hope you enjoyed your visit…


22 09 2007

Ho, thanks for da thanks!

20 12 2007

very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

17 03 2009
4-Percussions « Re-Percussions

[…] Thanks […]

26 09 2009

🙂 🙂 🙂

18 03 2010

i should change my name to flatz.

16 05 2010

thanks to you trav for always being the chillest of the illist….

thanks for always busting the beats, and taking the time to help with the movement that is always happening in our world of music and coming up…


22 06 2010

[…] Thanks […]

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